Y is for Yelp It #atozchallenge

But what I really mean is…if you like something, say it!  Whether it’s on Yelp, Amazon, Createspace, Expedia, Travelocity, you name it…if you like it, please leave a good review! Not one based on the packaging, or the shipping, but based on the actual product itself. We all know the bad reviews are easier to… Continue reading Y is for Yelp It #atozchallenge

Here comes the alphabet – A to Z for 2016! – Theme Reveal

The  2nd quickest post in the world begins now. As of April 1, this blog will be propelled by kindness. Not that it isn’t already propelled by kindness (well, that, gratitude and a healthy dose of reality), but for the month of April, I’ll be blogging from A to Z once again, this time exploring ways… Continue reading Here comes the alphabet – A to Z for 2016! – Theme Reveal

If We Were Having Coffee – 01.02.16 #WeekendCoffeeShare #2LittleMonkeys

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I started to write this post back on the 17th of December. As very pregnant women happen to do, I got too tired and didn’t finish it that night.  As it happened, that night was the last I’d be a very pregnant woman during this pregnancy or… Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee – 01.02.16 #WeekendCoffeeShare #2LittleMonkeys

2015 in review

I started this little blog 6 years and about 2 weeks ago…When I first started, I can guarantee that it wasn’t in my head that my views would grow 28 times over in 5 years, that a book would come out of my ramblings, that my writing would also help me get through the death… Continue reading 2015 in review