Wednesday Word of the Day – Smokeanut

  smoke-a-nut – (/smōkəˌnət) noun 1: the three-syllable word that exists in most realms to only rhyme with the other noun, coconut Examples: Conversation with the little monkey while giving me rhyming pairs on the way home. Her: Tree, bee! Me: Yep! Good one! Her: Coconut… Smokeanut! Me: Yes, I suppose that does rhyme…. 2: In… Continue reading Wednesday Word of the Day – Smokeanut

Wednesday Word of the Day – Sushiful

Never enough...

su-shi-ful – (so͞oshəfəl)  adjective 1: having qualities of being full of sushi, namely a bloated belly and a smile on one’s face Examples: I’m totally sushiful – I’m pretty sure those eight rolls expanded into 24 in my belly and I am now made partly of sticky rice. OR My pants won’t close, I must still… Continue reading Wednesday Word of the Day – Sushiful

Mindful and Meditative Mondays #7

I work with a lot of students who have had rough childhoods and currently suffer from various forms of anxiety and depression, on top of the regular teenage angst.  Many of them have had such negative experiences in the past, that even now, when they have a plethora of resources at their disposal, they don’t… Continue reading Mindful and Meditative Mondays #7

Summer Sunset – Malibu #1 and #2

Lately, I’ve been on a haiku kick.  I like the challenge of having to say something with only 17 syllables, having to capture emotion and choose words very carefully.  I tinker.  It’s fun – like the Twitter of poetry (or is Twitter the Haiku of Social Media? Somebody probably said that already…) It’s also fun… Continue reading Summer Sunset – Malibu #1 and #2