Z is for Zone In, Not Out #atozchallenge

I made it through another year! Though some of my posts were very short, they all stuck with the theme…and I managed to complete this while having a newborn, house guests, and going back to work, plus working my side gig. #Winning For my last post, I’ll kindly ask you to be kind when you’re… Continue reading Z is for Zone In, Not Out #atozchallenge

Y is for Yelp It #atozchallenge

But what I really mean is…if you like something, say it!  Whether it’s on Yelp, Amazon, Createspace, Expedia, Travelocity, you name it…if you like it, please leave a good review! Not one based on the packaging, or the shipping, but based on the actual product itself. We all know the bad reviews are easier to… Continue reading Y is for Yelp It #atozchallenge