Distance by Bless Monet (Cover)

Bless at the beach Photo Credit: Nicole K Photography @nicole.k.photography

Picture this – me, in a park, listening to a colleague, one Miss Bless Monet sing at a benefit. I turn to my friend P and say, “Why isn’t she doing this for a living? She should be doing this on the regular. I mean, I’d miss her, but SHE SHOULD BE DOING THIS FOR… Continue reading Distance by Bless Monet (Cover)

L’elemento Umano – The Human Element

Near the Grammy Museum where he played a few songs and had an awesome Q & A

With the beginning of the new school year, those of us living in Los Angeles (2nd only to Washington, D.C. for the worst traffic in the United States) are also treated to the dreaded increase in our already long commutes.  It can be anywhere from a 5-20 minute bump, depending on where you live, what… Continue reading L’elemento Umano – The Human Element

#WeekendCoffeeShare – Would you go for that?


If we were having coffee, I’d ask you if you felt that Meatloaf’s “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” was just an updated version of Hall and Oates’ “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” because I really do.  I’d tell you the Man and I were driving in the… Continue reading #WeekendCoffeeShare – Would you go for that?

Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd

I can't feel my face when I drink you....but I love it...but I love it...

Since you’ve now had Shut Up and Dance in your head for a sufficiently long enough period of time, I’m here to give you a new earwig for the weekend, by…The Weeknd!  Nope, couldn’t help it. I am pretty confident you will love this song if you are a fan of Michael Jackson’s music (especially… Continue reading Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd

Beds are Burning

If you’ve paid any attention to any news this week (local, national, and even international), you’ve likely heard about the environmental disaster that is the Refugio Oil Spill.  To sum it up, a pipe carrying crude oil operated by the Plains All American Pipeline ruptured in a culvert just north of Santa Barbara, California. Of… Continue reading Beds are Burning

Hello Muddah

Worth the wait...

When the little monkey gets an idea in her head about how a certain thing is supposed to go, it’s very hard to get her to see that sometimes, things go sideways… and more importantly, that everything will be okay even if it does. She was very excited about Mother’s Day weekend and wanted everything… Continue reading Hello Muddah