You’ve Got Time

Think of all the roads Think of all their crossings Taking steps is easy Standing still is hard -Regina Spektor Usually while I’m on vacation, I forget what day of the week it is, what date of the month it is, and what I’m supposed to be doing. That generally means I’m having a good… Continue reading You’ve Got Time

Take Me To Church

I heard this song for the first time on the way to work about a week or so ago…I Shazam’d it – and it hasn’t left me since.  The artist is Hozier – a 24-year old Irishman who has a boatload of talent. His voice has a certain honesty to it, and at times he… Continue reading Take Me To Church

Day 3 – Songs and their significance

Asking me to tell you about the three most important songs in my life is like asking a mother to name her favorite child. Ok, no it’s not exactly like that but close. I’ve got so many albums and a varied taste (from NKOTB to Bruce Springsteen to Bruno Mars to Snoop Dogg to Jamie… Continue reading Day 3 – Songs and their significance