Mindful and Meditative Mondays #6

Over the weekend, the Man was poking a bit of fun at me for not using my massage gift certificate…the one he got me for Christmas. Actually, I’ve had the thing for 3 months now, as it was an early gift. Yes, yes, I hear all of you now. Tsk, tsk…you have a gift certificate… Continue reading Mindful and Meditative Mondays #6

Atonement of my own making

As you might already know, I’m a Jew(ish) chick. As such, today, according to the laws of my people, I’m supposed to be starving myself of food and drink as part of the atonement for the previous year of sins. This one day is supposed to be a fresh start – if I follow the… Continue reading Atonement of my own making

I Heart My Foam Roller

Though I have a chiropractor I know and love, I never am able to visit him frequently enough. So given much of my job involves sitting, I need something else that helps my alignment, not to mention my tense back muscles. My solution? A foam roller. What is this, you ask? (Or you don’t ask… Continue reading I Heart My Foam Roller