Distance by Bless Monet (Cover)

Bless at the beach Photo Credit: Nicole K Photography @nicole.k.photography

Picture this – me, in a park, listening to a colleague, one Miss Bless Monet sing at a benefit. I turn to my friend P and say, “Why isn’t she doing this for a living? She should be doing this on the regular. I mean, I’d miss her, but SHE SHOULD BE DOING THIS FOR… Continue reading Distance by Bless Monet (Cover)

Honey, I’m Good

Andy Grammer at The Grove L.A.

Something I always think of as a parent is the kind of music the little monkey listens to. I know at her age, not a lot sinks in in terms of lyrics, so if she goes around singing Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” (and the subsequent lyric, touch me like you do) I try… Continue reading Honey, I’m Good