Review: One Potato

I could have eaten this all day long and twice on Sunday

No, I’m not reviewing how a single potato tastes, and it is only coincidental that I’m writing about potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday about a little green dude who likes gold that originated in a country that had a potato famine.  Wait, that’s not what the holiday is about? Phew, good thing I’m… Continue reading Review: One Potato

A sleeping baby…

Strait Jacket - or lifesaver?

It’s been 9 weeks and this little man had not been the “good” sleeper his sister or brother was.  From the beginning he’d only sleep on a human or near a human or mo’ bettah, a human with a soft boob (hey, I have 2!)… I thought once he came out I’d have freedom of… Continue reading A sleeping baby…

Surrender – For Charlie

  Quiet after stormy cries Resting tiny limbs on mine Relief for me, I can quell distress Relief for him, feeling tenderness   I take a quick peek Eyelids closing slow Just one minute more… But mama, she knows   It’s time for baby boy to sleep Delay too long Sweet boy will weep  … Continue reading Surrender – For Charlie

Two is No Joke

"I love my little brudder!"

Everyone told me that going from one to two kids in the house would be a big adjustment…and even though we only have the bigger monkey for half the week, um…yeah. Two is no joke.  On the days that I have both, there is no hope of a morning shower, and sometimes breakfast seems to be… Continue reading Two is No Joke

If We Were Having Coffee – 01.02.16 #WeekendCoffeeShare #2LittleMonkeys

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I started to write this post back on the 17th of December. As very pregnant women happen to do, I got too tired and didn’t finish it that night.  As it happened, that night was the last I’d be a very pregnant woman during this pregnancy or… Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee – 01.02.16 #WeekendCoffeeShare #2LittleMonkeys