Distance by Bless Monet (Cover)

Bless at the beach Photo Credit: Nicole K Photography @nicole.k.photography

Picture this – me, in a park, listening to a colleague, one Miss Bless Monet sing at a benefit. I turn to my friend P and say, “Why isn’t she doing this for a living? She should be doing this on the regular. I mean, I’d miss her, but SHE SHOULD BE DOING THIS FOR… Continue reading Distance by Bless Monet (Cover)

Voices Carry

Sometimes the Man and I will have a conversation about something, and one of us will make a reference to something that happened 10+ years ago in the history of our cultural lives …and the one who is telling the story suddenly gets a blank stare from the other one. Huh? When you live with… Continue reading Voices Carry

L’elemento Umano – The Human Element

Near the Grammy Museum where he played a few songs and had an awesome Q & A

With the beginning of the new school year, those of us living in Los Angeles (2nd only to Washington, D.C. for the worst traffic in the United States) are also treated to the dreaded increase in our already long commutes.  It can be anywhere from a 5-20 minute bump, depending on where you live, what… Continue reading L’elemento Umano – The Human Element

I Want Candy

I want candy!

As I wandered around the store, checking things off my list, finally getting the grocery shopping yesterday, I sang along to whatever the Trader Joe’s radio station was playing. When the tracks switched and I heard the first few notes of the next tune, I thought to myself,”They’re playing my new theme song.” That song… Continue reading I Want Candy

Hotel California

The Man and I were doing what we often do on an evening where we don’t have any other pressing plans or writing to do– watching yet another episode of Anthony Bourdain’s travel/food bonanza shows. I love watching because it gives me the chance to armchair travel, and eat in a way so that I… Continue reading Hotel California