Missed Understanding

Since it’s World Poetry Day, I wanted to share a longer form poem I wrote about a month ago for a contest (I did not win, in case you were wondering…) Relationships, whether they be parental, familial, or spousal are not always rainbows and roses. Sometimes they are difficult, dark and dank. But if you… Continue reading Missed Understanding

Strap Me In

“Strap me in…,” she pleaded, taking my hands with hers and wrapping them around her spirited 5-year old body. Even though this was the millionth time today that she had run from whatever she was doing to wherever I was, I obliged without complaint. She’s become quite expert in her five years at plunging herself… Continue reading Strap Me In

Happy Valentine’s Day 2/14/15

    The little monkey: I love Valemtimes Day! It’s all about love and chocolate! Us: Well, she’s been properly brainwashed already and she’s only five.  Hallmark has done its job quite well… They may not look quite like the Pinterest picture, but the heart-shaped French toast I made this morning was delicious. I even… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day 2/14/15