Mindful and Meditative Mondays # 17 – Time to Reflect

I know for most people today is not the beginning of the new year…but for the Jewish people, my people, it is… and gives us a bonus second chance to take a look at what’s been going on, what needs to be changed and to make plans for a better future. As I’ve said many… Continue reading Mindful and Meditative Mondays # 17 – Time to Reflect

How do you like your hamantaschen?

Chocolate chip, strawberry, apricot, prune – so many different flavors to choose! The consensus in our household was strawberry and apricot for this year’s celebration of the Jewish holiday of Purim. For those of you who have no idea of what I speak, hamantaschen are small, hat-shaped cookies baked during this time of the year that are… Continue reading How do you like your hamantaschen?

Singing Past Our Fears

The little monkey has been very excited all week. Her school class had practiced quite a bit to lead the Shabbat services Friday night.  It’s her weekend with her Dad, so she asked me if I was going to attend and if the Man would be accompanying me.  I told her we would, and she… Continue reading Singing Past Our Fears

It’s all about the glow

It’s inevitable that at this time of year, some people choose to spend their time talking about how much it irritates them that Chanukah has morphed into the Jewish Christmas.  Some say that just because it comes around during the same time of year that the idea behind the holiday is lost and that we should… Continue reading It’s all about the glow

Atonement of my own making

As you might already know, I’m a Jew(ish) chick. As such, today, according to the laws of my people, I’m supposed to be starving myself of food and drink as part of the atonement for the previous year of sins. This one day is supposed to be a fresh start – if I follow the… Continue reading Atonement of my own making

Sweet Noodle Kugel

I just want to dive into it.

Sweet what? For those of you who have no idea at all what the title of this post refers to, take a gander: What you are looking at is sweet lokshen kugel (noodle casserole/pudding…in Yiddish!). It’s one of my favorite things to eat, but because it is also ridiculously high in fat content, I only eat it… Continue reading Sweet Noodle Kugel