Z is for Zone In, Not Out #atozchallenge

I made it through another year! Though some of my posts were very short, they all stuck with the theme…and I managed to complete this while having a newborn, house guests, and going back to work, plus working my side gig. #Winning For my last post, I’ll kindly ask you to be kind when you’re… Continue reading Z is for Zone In, Not Out #atozchallenge

Y is for Yelp It #atozchallenge

But what I really mean is…if you like something, say it!  Whether it’s on Yelp, Amazon, Createspace, Expedia, Travelocity, you name it…if you like it, please leave a good review! Not one based on the packaging, or the shipping, but based on the actual product itself. We all know the bad reviews are easier to… Continue reading Y is for Yelp It #atozchallenge

X is for X Marks the Spot #atozchallenge

In other words, leave a road map for people and for yourself. Tell people what you want and tell yourself – if it’s a mystery spend some time figuring it out. Have a goal to strive for – aim for the X and let other people know what your goals are. It’s a kindness to… Continue reading X is for X Marks the Spot #atozchallenge

W is for Whisper and Wait #atozchallenge

In a nod to my highly sensitive brothers and sisters who have sensitivities to sound and processing difficulties – today the way to be kind is to whisper…and wait. Whisper… because while something might not be considered loud to you, it may sound like a herd of elephants to someone else. Wait…because not everyone gets… Continue reading W is for Whisper and Wait #atozchallenge

V is for Visit #atozchallenge

Everyone is so busy these days…the most valuable commodity that we can trade is our time.  So…visiting a sick friend, a mom with a new baby, a relative who doesn’t get out much…or anyone else for that matter is a kindness.  And when you visit these folks….bring something. Like a casserole or a plant that… Continue reading V is for Visit #atozchallenge

U is for Unpack #atozchallenge

  Everyone has baggage. Instead of saying someone has too much…help them unpack. It’s a kindness.   For more on the A to Z Challenge, please go HERE. Stay tuned during the month of April to see other ways in which you can incorporate kindness into your daily life and encourage others to do the… Continue reading U is for Unpack #atozchallenge