W is for Whisper and Wait #atozchallenge

In a nod to my highly sensitive brothers and sisters who have sensitivities to sound and processing difficulties – today the way to be kind is to whisper…and wait. Whisper… because while something might not be considered loud to you, it may sound like a herd of elephants to someone else. Wait…because not everyone gets… Continue reading W is for Whisper and Wait #atozchallenge

H is for Highly Sensitive

Sometimes, my brain gets overwhelmed and I don’t know which way is up. Today is one of those days, and given the last few weeks (months? I’ve lost track) of running around with work, extra work, and regular every day life, I’m not really surprised. The A to Z challenge isn’t necessarily helping with this,… Continue reading H is for Highly Sensitive

Strap Me In

“Strap me in…,” she pleaded, taking my hands with hers and wrapping them around her spirited 5-year old body. Even though this was the millionth time today that she had run from whatever she was doing to wherever I was, I obliged without complaint. She’s become quite expert in her five years at plunging herself… Continue reading Strap Me In

30 Days of Thanks 2014 – Day 6

Today I am so thankful for my daughter’s caring nature.  Sometimes it’s hidden behind preschooler dawdling and sass, but other times it is transparent and pure.  I hurt my back recently, so much so that I can hardly bend down or pick her up for a hug.  When I woke her up in the morning,… Continue reading 30 Days of Thanks 2014 – Day 6

One of the best things about the blogosphere is…

For me, being able to share ideas with readers, and especially kindred spirits. How wonderful is it that via the internet, you may encounter people from places you’ve never even visited (or places you have) with whom you can exchange ideas.  They may not be someone you will ever meet in person (though sometimes they will… Continue reading One of the best things about the blogosphere is…