Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes

Hamburgers, donuts or pancakes? You decide.

Last weekend, the little monkey requested pancakes for breakfast.  Now, I love me some pancakes but my current condition says that many carbs in one meal is a no-no. So I told her that I could make pancakes, but they would have to be Mommy’s special pancakes – the protein-laden version. I’ve had a little… Continue reading Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes

How YOU Doin’? – If We Were Having Coffee 09.20.2015

Good Sunday to you my friend, sit down a spell and please, have some of the sweet things in my house I can no longer eat, along with your coffee. There is chocolate for the taking, brownie crisps Would you like some sugar? Have two lumps for me. If we were having coffee, I’d tell… Continue reading How YOU Doin’? – If We Were Having Coffee 09.20.2015

Brownie Crisps

Crunchy, chocolaty goodness

Wait, didn’t she just tell us six times that she has gestational diabetes? Yes, yes she did. However, I discovered these little gems prior to that and why should you deprive yourself? Just because I have to? No. You need to know about these. If you love brownies… If you love the edge pieces of… Continue reading Brownie Crisps

Kinder Tales and Sugar Trails – #WeekendCoffeeShare 8.23.2015

I've found a friend! Picture courtesy of the little monkey's Dad.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I made it so that it’s 1/3 leaded, 2/3 unleaded because I thought I’d need a little more perkiness today as the Man and I have a lot to do before the day is done.  I’d offer you half and half (organic, Trader Joe’s) or some of… Continue reading Kinder Tales and Sugar Trails – #WeekendCoffeeShare 8.23.2015

I Want Candy

I want candy!

As I wandered around the store, checking things off my list, finally getting the grocery shopping yesterday, I sang along to whatever the Trader Joe’s radio station was playing. When the tracks switched and I heard the first few notes of the next tune, I thought to myself,”They’re playing my new theme song.” That song… Continue reading I Want Candy