Discovery, Part One

The funny thing was, once that realization was made — the one that guaranteed the safety net had indeed been removed and free fall had begun, I was actually better equipped to find the footholds I needed to get out of the deep, dark well of the unknown.  I know some might react by falling apart… Continue reading Discovery, Part One

Profile of the Prime Suspect – Who me. Who me! Who me?

I’m getting back to my online class now, 5 Habits of Highly Creative Teachers (because when I was still working, I found it very hard to actually give any time to it…go figure!) This particular investigation refers to Douglas Rice’s ‘The Curiosity Manifesto’ in which he says people fall into three categories: The period (.)… Continue reading Profile of the Prime Suspect – Who me. Who me! Who me?


Sometimes I get a bug up my butt to be creative, in all areas of my life all at once. Okay maybe just one or two…and sometimes it seems like too much.  Like for instance, in the last month I signed up for two online courses in order to spark my creativity.  One of them… Continue reading Creativity…unleashed?

30 Days of Thanks – Day 19 (Writing)

Today I am thankful for the ability to express myself through writing.  I think most people have a need to be understood, whether or not that is an articulated need.  To be able to say exactly how I feel, is something I sometimes find hard to do with spoken words, but I’ve always been able… Continue reading 30 Days of Thanks – Day 19 (Writing)