Two is No Joke

"I love my little brudder!"

Everyone told me that going from one to two kids in the house would be a big adjustment…and even though we only have the bigger monkey for half the week, um…yeah. Two is no joke.  On the days that I have both, there is no hope of a morning shower, and sometimes breakfast seems to be… Continue reading Two is No Joke

3 Months + 4 and a WW update.

Let’s start backwards ….WW – slow going.  I can’t seem to be bothered to mark down my points for a full week.  Maybe I wasn’t ready to do it.  Or maybe the fact that I lose weight when I don’t watch is leading me into a fall sense of security.  I am now down nearly… Continue reading 3 Months + 4 and a WW update.

2 Months…and Mama’s Hungry

We’ve made it to the two month mark and Maya is FINALLY gaining weight normally…phew! All the pain of breastfeeding actually has a tangible reward …. Now we don’t have to go back to the ped for 2 months.  This time around she got 5 shots and an oral vaccine.  Ev and I debated only for about 5… Continue reading 2 Months…and Mama’s Hungry

Back on the WW horse…

The time has come. I have vowed starting tomorrow I will stop shovelling food in my mouth without thought and start the journey back to my old body….I rejoined Weight Watchers today (hereafter known as WW).  After gaining 42 pounds with Maya, and tipping the scales at 212 before I had her, 8 weeks have… Continue reading Back on the WW horse…

And for the lactationally challenged…LACTATION WARS!!

So one of the most annoying, and downright aggravating things about the first few weeks of my being a mom  is that I got 9 billion conflicting opinions about how to feed my little one.  Between the 2 pediatricians, 4-5 nurses and the lactation consultant, not to mention well-meaning family and friends – everyone had a different opinion on what I… Continue reading And for the lactationally challenged…LACTATION WARS!!

1 Month ….+1 to grow on…and a side note about LOST

4:50a 2/4/10 Whoa – a whole month has passed by and much of it is a complete blur. Thank G-d I took pictures. How’s it going you (ok, everyone) ask?  Well – so far so good:)  This is the first week I flew solo…I enjoy the quiet time with Maya.  Clearly I am still getting… Continue reading 1 Month ….+1 to grow on…and a side note about LOST