“life is nothing but an adult education class.” – isn’t that the truth?

The modern disease

I rarely reblog (and I think I say this every time I do!) – but this concept of being busy as a disease, I really dig. You are not your to-do list.

Let life come…

I don’t usually reblog – but, this is a great Rumi quote, a personal favorite, needed for me right now, and a fabulous sculpture. Bonus post for Sunday, Check out www.mindfulbalance.org if you haven’t already.

Giving love to my blog and yours- with Bloglovin

So I’m probably super late to the game, but whatevs.  I’ve discovered Bloglovin’ which is kind of like Flipboard but for blogs – I found I’ve been falling behind on reading the ones I want to read and needed some kind of organizer to keep up.  Hello Bloglovin’! It can keep them all in one… Continue reading Giving love to my blog and yours- with Bloglovin

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Earlier this week, my friend from college, Kiana, texted me and asked how I felt about rosé. However, her iPhone autocorrected to “rose” without the accent and since she is a floral designer, I thought she was talking about a particular kind of rose, or roses in general. Or maybe, it could have been Rose from… Continue reading Scenes from an Italian Restaurant


For the majority of the week, I’ve had “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin in my head as like many of you I still can’t get over the news of Robin Williams’ passing … but this post isn’t about that song. It’s actually about the song that made that one disappear from my head. Finally! If… Continue reading Secrets