N is for New York

A sunset on the lake in Copake, New York

Didn’t think I’d get back to the travel side of things did you?  Well, here I am. “N” is for New York, the place with a million nicknames – the Concrete Jungle, the City That Never Sleeps, the Big Apple – but not one of those comes close to describing my love for the city. I’ve… Continue reading N is for New York

D is for D. C. (Washington, that is…)

Well, here’s another one for my bucket list folks.  I spent many a year of my childhood and several of my adulthood vacationing or visiting clients on the East coast of the United States.  You see, in one of my former lives I was a travel agent, then business development supervisor for the world’s largest… Continue reading D is for D. C. (Washington, that is…)

C is for California

If you look down at the map below…I live in the Southern bright red area, also known as Los Angeles:     People may have their things to say about the plastic people, the traffic, the smog and the heat, but to me California has so much more to offer than those things.  If I… Continue reading C is for California

A is for Ancestors

It's amazing how much the little monkey takes after her namesake

I’ve always found genealogy fascinating. Part of it comes from my love for history, the other part comes from my love for my family and wanting to know all there is to know about them. I remember going to the New York Public Library with my mother and sister when I was about seven to… Continue reading A is for Ancestors

Check out my guest post over at Bag Lady Lulu!

Hey y’all – it’s Friday eve!   Just wanted to let you all know, I guest blogged over at Bag Lady Lulu today! If you’ve never heard of Kristen Fairgrieve and her beautiful, custom-made journals, please check out her blog and her shop on Etsy as well.