Shiva is Over…Post-Election Thoughts

The Jewish people have a mourning ritual that takes place after the death of a loved one, called sitting shiva. Seven days of mourning, gathering, visiting, eating deli and wallowing. The more traditional of us have our mirrors covered and sit low to the ground. I’m not one of those more traditional, but all I’ve… Continue reading Shiva is Over…Post-Election Thoughts

Beds are Burning

If you’ve paid any attention to any news this week (local, national, and even international), you’ve likely heard about the environmental disaster that is the Refugio Oil Spill.  To sum it up, a pipe carrying crude oil operated by the Plains All American Pipeline ruptured in a culvert just north of Santa Barbara, California. Of… Continue reading Beds are Burning

Inspiration from Exasperation

Sun setting on the finally changing leaves..

I’ve been told that as a little girl, I was a chatterbox. My mind was always going and I had lots of things to say (in English and in what I thought was Spanish. I used to record myself speaking fake Spanish sprinkled with actual Spanish words and then smack my sister on the head… Continue reading Inspiration from Exasperation

Ravings of a Lunatic…or am I just the Mom of a 4.5 Year old?

Some days I think the little monkey is trying to kill me. Not like kill me, kill me, like with a knife, but mind-fuck me until I just give up. I’ve tried not to rant and rave lately because I’m doing a pretty job of being cool, calm and collected, but today I was not any… Continue reading Ravings of a Lunatic…or am I just the Mom of a 4.5 Year old?

Loyalty is Precious

Dear Neighbor (in the overpriced condos to the South with the little white dog that barks incessantly), Hello.  You may not know me, but I’m your neighbor in the early 80’s apartment building with a balcony close to yours.  Your dog knows me though.  Whenever I go outside to water my plants, it’s there, greeting… Continue reading Loyalty is Precious

Day Fifteen-How things change…

So yesterday I went and got my hair did. I’m not a vain person in general, but the gloomy gray of my roots doesn’t really suit my face at this point in my life and it makes me feel old. (I hope some day it does suit my face because it would really save me… Continue reading Day Fifteen-How things change…