I have a deep appreciation for beauty in all forms. Come here for things you might like to see…

Zinnias in Bloom

A Lesson in Purple

Nature’s Palette


Joy…on the face of a child


Peep-Toes, Pumps or Penny Loafers?

Evening Walks and End of Summer Blooms

11th Hour Sunset

Angel wings, cloud formations and saving grace


What does this remind you of?

The unexpected

The Bright Side

Gather round


Fall finally arrived…

What is found, most often far surpasses what is lost

It’s all about the glow

Nature’s “Lean In”

From Darkness to Light

Preservation of History – The Bradbury Building – Downtown Los Angeles

Dreams Realized


Virtual Camaradarie – My Top 3 Blog Shares

Fresh Spring Blooms in Southern California

Only 37 days left…

Pluto #1 and #2 – Successful Exploration

Flowers and figlia – what’s your muse?

What's your 2 sense?

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