If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I started to write this post back on the 17th of December. As very pregnant women happen to do, I got too tired and didn’t finish it that night.  As it happened, that night was the last I’d be a very pregnant woman during this pregnancy or any other, as our little boy Charlie heard that I was about to give him an eviction notice.  Rather than come when he was scheduled to this coming Monday, he arrived three weeks early via C-section on 12/18/15. Other than some jaundice issues, he is a healthy, passionate little boy…when he came out the doctors were surprised at how pink he was and how big he was given he had several more weeks to cook.  As he was a late-term preemie, the nurses tested him for 24 hours to make sure his sugars were okay …and they were. As for me, they didn’t even bring it up and I’ve gorged on everything I’ve had to avoid since early in my pregnancy ever since! If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that he is the best Christmas present I’ve ever received besides the little monkey (who arrived as a slightly delayed pressie nearly six years ago)…I am so grateful I got the opportunity to carry him and that I get to be his mama. He looks a bit like a little old man…but a cute one.

My little old man Charlie

If we were having coffee, I’d happily tell you there was flavored creamer in mine and that it tastes oh so good. I would also offer to share with you a recipe for the most amazing breakfast — a cinnamon french toast bake that I made for Christmas morning. The topping is a mixture of brown sugar and butter…and a few other things that don’t matter but together they equal a certain divinity I will repeat yearly from now on.

Cinnamon French Toast Crack!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I think we’ll need to go out for a walk later, even though they tire me out because I already have cabin fever.  I didn’t think I’d be itching to get back to some kind of exercise routine so soon, but I’d kill to do some yoga right now. Alas, my surgery prevents me from doing much of anything besides gingerly walking and normal household things for several weeks.  Plus, it’s flu season and it’s not good for the little pup to be in enclosed areas with germy people.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you this post started off as an acknowledgement of my blogiversary …which I started 6 years ago.  I always hoped it would be read by more than my mother, sister and a handful friends, and now it is and I still find it really cool.

I’d tell you that the sleep deprivation is different this time. I have to be coherent for another child and sometimes I fall asleep mid-sentence. Thankfully, the little monkey, who is now the bigger monkey has been a wonderful big sister and extraordinarily patient with both the Man and her tired mother.  I am so proud of her and am over the moon watching her relationship with her little brother blossom. She is a big helper and the love she has for him is clear and pure.

2 Monkeys

I’d ask you how your holidays were and tell you mine were different this year for many reasons, some not so great, but the rest, mostly wonderful reasons.

I’d tell you I am super excited about many things for 2016…among them:

turning 40…

having several months off from teaching for maternity leave…

my Rodan + Fields business being an extra source of income for my family…

attending my first BlogHer conference! (I actually registered…who else is going??)

spending quality time with my immediate family and extended family…

having more time to write…

heading to Vegas for the Rodan + Fields Convention…

working on my words for the year (more on that later…)

Then I’d probably fall asleep mid-sentence, apologize, and offer to make you more coffee….you’d hopefully be kind and tell me to go take a nap and that you’d stop by again next weekend for some more coffee talk.

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