It’s Nearly November – Will You Join Me This Year? 10.25.15 #WeekendCoffeeShare

30 Days of Thanks 2015

Joining me for what you ask, as I pour you a cup of pumpkin spice coffee.

For my annual 30 Days of Thanks, I’d say!

30 Days of Thanks 2015

And then you’d say, what’s that? And I’d tell you….

For the last three years during the month that has my favorite holiday and I’m hoping my favorite weather, I’ve participated in the 30 Days of Thanks Challenge.  There are several versions of this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr and I’m sure other forms of social media…but if you’ve never heard of it, the point is to share something you are grateful for every day during the month of November.  It can be something big or small, silly or profound, as long as you are giving thanks and having a grateful heart.

I’ll be doing this again this year with a slight twist – this year, the things I’m grateful for will be shown in pictures and captions. Nothing more…I’ll also be running an event on Facebook for which I’ll share the link later.

I’d tell you I would love it if you’d join me this year.

I’d also tell you my plan is to get the e-version of my Gratitude Journal out by next Sunday as well. I meant to get it out in March of this year…but life happened. I’d tell you I better get it out now before this little baby comes because life will be turned upside down again for a short time and I don’t want to wait any longer.

I’d tell you that I feel I’ve neglected this poor blog a bit. I’ve published about once a week, but with my new endeavor and my attempt at getting things ready for the baby and the amount of work I’ve brought home has prevented me from doing more and I miss it. I’m also moving slower these days in general with more on my plate and there are only so many things I can accomplish in a day.

I’d tell you that I spent money on an awesome planner by Erin Condren and it’s really made a difference in what I’ve been able to do this month. It’s my accountability partner and I highly recommend one.

If we were having our pumpkin spice coffee, I’d offer you a biscotti and I’d tell you that I am now at the point where I see the doctor every two weeks.  I’d also tell you I’m now down to testing every day at dinner and spot checking fasting, breakfast and lunch because my numbers are always good.  I’d tell you I’ve got 10 weeks and change left before this baby boy arrives and we are so excited to meet him. If his getting jiggy with it is any indication of his activity out of the womb – I am in for a wild ride.

I’d tell you that my new endeavor with Rodan + Fields is going swimmingly. I’ve achieved my first promotion to Executive Consultant and I really can’t tell you how happy I remain with the products themselves, the support of my team members…it’s just been a blessing. I’d tell you I’m looking for 2 more people to join me this month on my Team RFreedom (the R is silent…hehe) and that you should totes jump on board. I’d tell you we can talk anytime you’d like and it doesn’t take very long to get set up.

I’d also tell you that the little monkey’s tooth finally fell out…and she swallowed it in her sleep!  The tooth fairy still found her and made an exception for the special circumstance.

I’d tell you we went to the Fall Harvest Festival today and it was not Fall-like outside at all.  92 degrees and I’m 8 months pregnant…need I say more? But …it was still fun. In my mind, I pretended it was 65 and I was wearing knee-high leather boots and feelin’ fine.

I’d ask you what your plans are for Thanksgiving. I’d tell you I can’t believe it’s a month away …and the time is flying faster as the end of the year approaches.  I’d tell you we were planning on carving pumpkins in a few minutes and that you were welcome to stay, but if the guts freak you out, I totally understand….and I’d tell you I hope I talk to you soon.


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  1. We’ll be visiting my parents for Thanksgiving this year, and most of my mom’s family will be visiting too, so it should be an eventful go of it. 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling ok, and good luck with those appointments and getting a healthy baby here! 😀

    1. That sounds like a lot of people! I think the more the merrier though …even if I have to hibernate for a day to recover my introvert self. I’m feeling pretty decent for my very pregnant state. Thanks for stopping by Diana!

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