Skin Care Saturday #1 – SOOTHE


As I grow to love my new side gig more and more, I thought it would be fabulous to do a little featurette on the products as I use them so more people can benefit from it.  So without further adieu, I will be doing a new series called Skin Care Saturdays!  Each post will feature one product that I’ve used or that I plan on using.  Sprinkled in there, I’ll be featuring stories from others who have used the regimens that are not prescribed for my particular skin issues so that you can learn about those too.

First off, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite set of green friends…the SOOTHE regimen.

SOOTHE regimen - Rodan + Fields

To be specific, the picture above is actually the part of the regimen I use nightly.  For daytime, it comes with a mineral-based SPF 30 sunscreen that is amazingly light, and doesn’t creep into my eyes by the end of the day as every other sunscreen does.

But back to the 3 steps I use morning and night…

#1 – The Gentle Cream Wash – so gentle you don’t even need water to use it-you can just put on a quarter-sized amount and wipe it off gently with a gauze pad. But if you’re oily like me, dampening your face and then massaging it in and rinsing it off is the trick before patting dry.

#2 – The Sensitive Skin Treatment – this pearly gold goodness is the second layer in regimen.  After drying my skin, I put a dime-sized dollop of this on my fingertips and spread it all over my face.  It has a nice, clean aroma and more importantly reduces lobstery redness.

#3 – The Moisture Replenishing Cream – the lifesaver or should I say skin saver of the bunch? This hydrates my skin like nothing else and without the burning sensation I would get with many other “moisturizers”….and this step, in addition to step #2 includes chamomile, a known good buddy to sensitive skin.

After using this for just 30 days, this happened to my face:


And I’m not talking about the goofy look I have on – I’m talking about the decreased redness, lack of oil slickiness, and the increased healthy-looking glowiness that is supposed to be on the face of a pregnant woman.  It’s really too bad we don’t have the ability to touch through the screen, because my cheeks, which were once like sandpaper are now smooth and lovely. Since we don’t have technology that advanced quite yet, you’ll just have to believe me!

This regimen is often used for those who have rosacea, general sensitivity, hypersensitivity, inflammation, psoriasis, and eczema and even sunburn can be helped with Step 2 (but you’re all wearing sunscreen, right? Just in case you missed a spot…) I even used it on the space behind the little monkey’s ears…and her redness and irritation cleared up in 2 days!


If you’re still unsure of whether this might be the right line for you – run yourself through the Solution Tool on my site found HERE or drop me a line here:

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