Was that really an ending? If We Were Having Coffee 09.27.2015

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Wares 2015

If we were having coffee, I’d offer you some pumpkin biscotti or pumpkin seed brittle to dip in your java. I’d tell you when I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday on our weekly excursion, the checker noted that our shopping cart was very festive (read: filled with every pumpkin item sold in the store.)

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Wares 2015

I will have to save most of it until after the baby is born, but thankfully it will keep. I’d tell you I did indulge in 2 of the biscotti for an afternoon snack yesterday, along with a nice glass of milk, and that I’m pretty sure that might have caused my after-dinner numbers to be screwy.  I’d also tell you that this whole blood sugar thing is a crap shoot for me on the weekends because my routine is thrown off. My weekday numbers were quite good and I’m learning all about how different foods affect my body – it’s all about routine and after-meal activity for me.

I’d tell you that it’s also about experimentation – with foods and recipes, one of which I’ll feature this Thursday on the blog.  For now, I’ll give you two hints, peanut butter and hamburgers. I’ll tell you I think that will probably intrigue you or turn you totally off and you’ll just have to wait and see what I’ve got in store for you.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you for the first time in months, I came home this Friday from work with zero to do that was work-related.  Friday was an extremely productive day, I had help on Thursday and I can actually breathe now.  I’m so grateful for this feeling as I really needed it.

I’d tell you that the little monkey has her first loose tooth and that strangely enough, it’s just about exactly 5 years since that same tooth came in. I’d tell you that her picture day is coming up this week and that I can’t decide what would be cuter – a smile with a tooth missing or one with it in. I’d also tell you she seems really anxious about when it’s going to fall out, how, and whether or not the fairy might come into her room while she sleeps. She seems keen on the fairy NOT entering her sleeping quarters so today’s task will be to make a fairy house so that once said tooth falls out, it may be placed in there, outside of her room for the fairy to take.

I’d also tell you I’ve decided to do a feature post on a Rodan + Fields product once a week so people who may not know about them, will find out about them through me! I’ve been so pleased using my new skin care routine, and just pleased in general this weekend, being able to spend time with the monkey while working on this surprising side gig, that literally fell into my news feed.  I’d be kind of a jerk if I didn’t share it with others so they could also reap the benefits. I’d tell you that I’m excited about my business launch happening in a few weeks and that I hope it goes well.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you the tiny mini-babymoon I booked is right around the corner. I’d tell you I can’t believe it, nor can I believe the forecast is for the low ’90s. I swear this heat is going to be the end of me.

I’d tell you our movie of the week was Ex Machina, an interesting Kubrick-type film about artificial intelligence written and directed by Alex Garland. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, he wrote a book called The Beach back in the late ’90s that was eventually turned into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The book was better. I’d tell you I really liked Ex Machina, with the exception of the ending and that’s strangely how I also feel about every Kubrick film I’ve ever seen.  My mom and I had a discussion about another film we recently watched that she loved and I thought was just meh, The Age of Adaline. I thought it felt too predictable, whereas with this one, I felt the ending was too nebulous.  Was that really an ending? Maybe there’s no pleasing me.

I’d tell you my plan for today was to not leave the house due to the never-ending heat so that you were welcome to sit a spell, have another cup, and raid my cupboards for the rest of the pumpkin stash, but that you need to leave me a good amount for when I can properly partake. And then I’d go take a nap, because I can.


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  1. I really enjoyed Ex Machina—such a neat concept.

    And I love fall, but not a huge fan of pumpkins, except to carve them! I do get amused at the abundance of pumpkin stuff, though. 😀

    1. We ended up watching most of the extras too – so interesting. I really want to visit Norway now too – that setting was just unbelievably beautiful!

  2. You reminded me that I have a couple of $20 gift cards for Trader Joe’s. I will have to head over and get some pumpkin items to try. I don’t usually shop there but with “free money” I’ll go! Hoping to find some pumpkin cookies.

    1. I know in the past I’ve seen pumpkin muffins, not sure about cookies. Our regular stores here have pumpkin chocolate chip cookies…and those were pretty good! I love gift cards…have fun shopping!

  3. I really liked the movie – it’s what A.I. Artificial Intelligence should have been (and would have been if Kubrick had made it, as planned.) Alas, AI was really just Spielberg trying to be Kubrick and felt overly sugary as a result. Perhaps we shouldn’t watch it while you have GD LOL

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