…when a 5-year old becomes the victim of some older kids’ version of fun called “the punching game.”

…that I now feel hesitant to leave my 5-year old in after school care.

…that older kids think this is a fun game to play with anyone, much less a 5-year old girl.

…upon entering public school, that it took exactly 13 days for this to occur.

…that she’s not the first kid this has happened to.

…that she won’t be the last.

…that is starts this early…or at all.

…to forget to teach your children that they need to keep their hands to themselves.

…to forget to teach your children how to respond in this kind of situation.

…to say boys will be boys.

…that I had to bring this to their attention, not the other way around.

…as a parent, to keep quiet.

…as a child, to keep quiet.

…as a parent, to let it go without taking appropriate action.

…as a parent, to take it into your own hands.


It is more than okay that she handled herself like a pro.

It is more than okay that she told the boys to stop, told a teacher, and then walked away when the older kids didn’t listen.

It is more than okay, that despite this, she had a “very good day!”

It is more than okay to expect your space and body to be respected, no matter your age, sex or gender.

It is more than okay to speak up, whether you experience it, or see it for yourself.

It is more than okay to take it seriously even if some people don’t see it as so.


I’m proud of you monkey for being strong, for speaking up and for being an upstanding little girl. I’m sorry that you are encountering this at such a young age, but don’t worry. Mama’s got your back, and more importantly, you know how to hold your own.