L’elemento Umano – The Human Element

Near the Grammy Museum where he played a few songs and had an awesome Q & A

With the beginning of the new school year, those of us living in Los Angeles (2nd only to Washington, D.C. for the worst traffic in the United States) are also treated to the dreaded increase in our already long commutes.  It can be anywhere from a 5-20 minute bump, depending on where you live, what time you leave, and the whims of the traffic gods.

For me, I leave 10 minutes earlier now, but get to work at just about the same time. The only positive to this (other than being able to walk the monkey to school in the mornings) is that I get to spend more time listening to the radio.  On the other hand, when I get achingly ill from the seventh time I’ve heard Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift in as many minutes (both of whom I really like, but come on!), I explore my other musical options.

This week I flipped the switch to CD (you remember, those disc thingies we used to use before our iPods and iPhones and other iThings) and had a listen to what was in my player.  There was a Madonna disc (Ray of Light), a mix of sorts (with some random things ranging from Alannah Myles to Anna Nalick to the Beatles) and then I happened upon a copy of Jovanotti’s Ora.  All of these things told me several other things:

  1.  I haven’t really made a change to the CDs in the last several years (since I met Jova himself and ran like a crazy schoolgirl with one of my besties to catch him, fawn, and have our picture taken with him)…
    Near the Grammy Museum where he played a few songs and had an awesome Q & A
    Near the Grammy Museum where he played a few songs and had an awesome Q & A


  2. The iPhone really did change my musical life. If I’m not listening to something on there in the car, I usually resort back to radio and completely forget the CDs.
  3. I still really love this album, whatever form it comes in.
  4. My favorite song off this album has not changed.

And this leads me to my song of the week – “L’elemento Umano” …

The English translation of the chorus is this —

We are the human element in the machine
And we are free under the clouds.

The rest of the song details things that we do and think, the negative and the positive in this machine we call life. To me the message, is that despite these “things” that occur, we are the human element. We control our reaction to everything, and in reality we are free. Siamo liberi…

I hope you’re feeling free this Sunday – have a good week…and here is your earwig…by the way, if you don’t speak Italian, 1) go learn it, because it’s awesome and 2) here is a good translation of the song into English:

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