Kinder Tales and Sugar Trails – #WeekendCoffeeShare 8.23.2015

I've found a friend! Picture courtesy of the little monkey's Dad.

143/365 - Coffee breakIf we were having coffee, I’d tell you I made it so that it’s 1/3 leaded, 2/3 unleaded because I thought I’d need a little more perkiness today as the Man and I have a lot to do before the day is done.  I’d offer you half and half (organic, Trader Joe’s) or some of the Man’s very tasty non-organic fat-free vanilla creamer from the same place.  I’d find the sugar somewhere if you wanted some and smell it lovingly since it’s no longer going into my coffee.

Why no sugar you ask? Well, as I wrote in my short post published earlier today, I’m officially a gestational diabetic.  I’d tell you that it’s taken me the week to accept the fact that my diet needs to change and that while I’ve accepted it…I’m still bitter! Not as bitter as the coffee though. And maybe that doesn’t qualify as total acceptance but I’m getting there.  I have an appointment on September 10 with my OB at which point they will refer me to a perinatologist who specializes in high-risk pregnancies.  Since the OB office didn’t panic at my numbers, I’m not going to.  I’d tell you that I hope to manage this with diet and exercise, rather than medication, but ultimately will do what’s best for me and the baby.

I’d tell you that the little monkey started kindergarten this week and after a rough start socially, by the end of the week, she was all smiles. On the first day, her Dad and I walked her to school, and stayed for the pep rally held before class. She told me she was nervous and I’d tell you she was brave. I’d tell you I held myself together until she walked away with her class and then I burst into tears.  I was beyond happy there was no crying on her part as she left us, and wasn’t prepared for her reaction when I picked her up.

She was smiling broadly once she saw me so I thought everything had gone well. “Did you have a good day?” I asked.

“No! It was bad!” she replied.  My heart sank.

“What happened?”

“I didn’t make any new friends! Everyone had a best friend and I didn’t. No one wanted to play with me. It’s not fair.” Tears fell onto her cheeks, and then her little nose got involved and I fought back tears of my own.  We talked about some strategies to make new friends and once I pushed her for a few more details of the day I discovered that thankfully it wasn’t all bad. She loves her teacher most importantly, has successfully completed her first homework assignment and relaxed into her new routine.

Despite having to get up 30 minutes earlier, we are both more at ease, get to spend a bit of time together before her class and I get to work ever so slightly earlier. Triple Win! I’m so proud of the way she’s adjusted.

I've found a friend! Picture courtesy of the little monkey's Dad.
I’ve found a friend! (Picture courtesy of the little monkey’s Dad.)

I’d tell you I got out my shovel this weekend and started digging my way to my dreams. I’d also tell you that at this point the hole is small but it’s a start; I’m hopeful…and excited. I’d say there will be updates to come, but for now this is all I’m comfortable sharing.

I’d tell you that I wish I could have another cup with you, but that I’ve got to go fold laundry, clean up the little monkey’s room, check and see if her old swing still functions for the new baby to come and that I have a stack of grading to get through that is giving the Leaning Tower a run for its money.

I’d tell you it was so nice to see you and to chat, and that I hope we can do it again soon. And I’d for sure tell you to have a good week ahead.

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  1. I’m going through pre-withdrawals…my grandson starts Kindergarten next week. This is his last full week home. Next week he will go two half days at the beginning of the week then there is a Friday Family Welcome where he will get his class assignment. Then the following week he will begin every day for 6 hours a day. Yeah, 6 hour kindergarten that our state has switched to this year! I am missing him already.

    1. Ours is 6.5 hours on every day but Tuesday when it’s 5.5 – I miss her but we’ve been doing it since she was about 3 since she’s been in preschool so I’m used to it I suppose. It’s nice that they do a transition like that as I think it really helps the kids….and the adults! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. What a time! Sorry to hear about the GD, but glad they caught it and you’ll be getting proper care. Also sorry to hear that your little one had a bit of a rough go of it on her first day. I’m sure she’ll get acclimated soon. At least she does like her teacher!

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