Most parents will tell you, once you have children, you forget yourself in many ways far too often. Most of this forgetfulness comes from the result of your time being dedicated to someone small needing assistance. The other two percent of the forgetfulness comes from being so exhausted from dedicating that time that you just fall asleep.

You forget to eat.

You forget to pee.

You forget to exercise.

You forget to call your friends.

You forget to get enough sleep.

You forget to show your lover that you still love them.

You forget to read your gajillion downloaded Kindle books.

You also forget to read the stack of 5 novels on your nightstand.

You forget that in a few years, the littles will be bigs, and off on their own and you’re going to have to find something to do other than being dedicated to someone else’s needs.


Since one of my littles is across the country this week and the other is still in the womb, and the bonus is where he usually is half way across the country, I’m taking this week to remember myself.


I’ve taken a few long walks, I’m meeting up with old friends, I’ve kissed the Man like I mean it, I’ve slept in. I’ve napped (though to be fair, I do that with the little monkey here!) I might possibly get my hair cut so I don’t look like a ragged muffin any longer.

For today I leave you with this:

Invest In You

Invest In You