I know people who gleefully countdown until the next holiday season, stocking up on new decorations right after the last holiday, and starting to buy gifts in July.


I am not one of those people. Okay, I will admit I’ll take advantage of a sale here and there, but I really prefer not to live 6 months in the future. And honestly, there is a time and a place for everything and for me, if the air isn’t quite right, I’m not feeling the Xmas. On top of that, the season can stress me out in trying to prepare for 2 weeks of vacation, getting plans together for the holidays – the buildup and frenzy around town is a little too much for this introvert to bear sometimes.

I’m not quite grumpy cat…




But you won’t see me doing this:

giphy (10)


until at least mid-November.

To illustrate my point, the little monkey has a dancing Christmas Hello Kitty (given to me by fellow blogger Kristen over at Bag Lady LuLu )on which there lies a button that when you press it, an instrumental version “Here Comes Santa Claus” starts to play.  She loves it of course and played it over and over around the holidays.  It disappeared under the other toys for  a few months, but HK has been rediscovered this week.  Last night, as I was braiding her hair, she pressed the button.

Me: Cringing, “Must you?”

Monkey: “What?” Giggles. Jiggles.

Me: “Play that.  It’s not Christmas and it won’t be for another eight months…”

Monkey: ” But I liiiiike it. Why don’t you like it Mommy?” More jiggles.

Me: “It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just…that after a long day, I really appreciate the quiet. And…Christmas is not for another eight months!”

Monkey: “Oooookaaaaay. I’ll turn it off.” Sad monkey face for two seconds, then normal non-stop chatter resumes.

I crushed her little Xmas spirit.  I felt kinda bad, but …kinda not especially since her glum face only lasted less than a minute.


So this year, I want to explore ways in which I can minimize the frenzy, maximize the friendsy (see what I did there?) and more than tolerate the repeated tune of Miss Xmas HK.


For more on the A to Z Challenge, please go HERE. We’ve only got two more to do!

Stay tuned during the month of April to see what other subjects I want to explore…I’ll return to my senses on May 1.