About 12 years ago, I started seeing floaters in my eyes.  At times, it looked like black rain against a blue sky. Other times, it looked like a gray Maine Coon was sitting just to the right of my field of vision, and every time I looked up and down, it’s fluffy tail would swish across my lens, driving me to the point of  insanity (oh, look another “I”!)

I went to my ophthalmologist, Dr Craig Helm and had every eye examination and blood test done that he could think of…ultimately I they diagnosed me with intermediate uveitis, or an inflammation of the vitreous (the transparent, jelly like gob in your eye.) The “I”s have it!  Or the eyes…the puns are endless on this one, are they not?


This is not my eye, but a close facsimile


The doctor injected my eye with corticosteroids (are you now horrified? I was completely!) which helped a bit, but more than anything else, they made my eyelid droop.  I tried drops as well, which had no effect of the floaters or cat tails whatsoever. Eventually they subsided, and strangely, they were at their best when I became pregnant with the little monkey – and remained quite dormant for several years after.

There was concern at the time that these floaters were related to an auto-immune disease and I started to learn about inflammation.  Having had gestational diabetes towards the end of the little monkey’s reign over my body, I am now more susceptible to Type 2 Diabetes and chronic inflammation has been on my mind again as I approach my 40s.

I want to be healthy not just for me, but for my family and I think exploring this topic will find its way to the blog sooner than later.

Do any of you suffer from chronic inflammation or uveitis? What are the ways in which you reduce it?


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