I find it interesting how life throws you the fastest curve ball it can muster, but right before the pitcher releases, makes sure you have a good glove to protect your soft bits.  The glove may come in the form of words, a gesture, a feeling…or it might even be in human form.

My glove, this weekend, believe it or not (this is a pun, not intended, not even realized until I typed the words) came from the new “Cinderella” movie. Yes, a fairytale (believe it or not!) – live-action no less. I was honestly shocked at how much I enjoyed it and was truly moved by it.  It’s not like I’ve never seen the story in film before, but the impact this time was great.

In the current re-telling of the French tale, Ella’s mother tells her to be kind and courageous. We know of course that her stepmother and step sisters do their best to make it nearly impossible to be either, and yet Ella perseveres.

I needed to see that in visual form this weekend, in so many ways. To be reminded to be kind and courageous, even if that seems to be the most difficult option.

So for today, you get this….I hope you have a wonderful week.

Do the kind and courageous thing