It’s been a stressful few weeks here, which for me culminated in that crazy combo of eclipse, Equinox and new moon energy at the end of last week.  Did anyone else’s head feel like it was just going to pop?  I am a sensitive Pisces and probably felt it more than most, but I think I’m still in recovery mode.

A few positives that happened:

1) I started a few fierce conversations that I’d been undeftly (yep, just made up a new word) handling until last week. There were tears and swollen eyeballs on my part, but I’m feeling less anxious about them.

2) I got back to jogging in my quest to get back in shape for my health and a marathon run in February 2016. It’s amazing how fast being fit can slip through your fingers, so I’m happy to get back to where I need to be.

Jogging felt really good because I was moving my body, I was doing something to take care of myself and I was out in nature checking out all the new things spring has brought my neighborhood.

This leads me to my little nugget for this week…enjoy and have a wonderful week.

Nature dissolves anxiety