Sometimes the Man and I do our errands on our mid-week, after-work walks.  Last Wednesday, we made two pit stops – one at the 7-11 to cash in my birthday present. (I hear you, what kind of presents is this chick getting that she cashes in at 7-11??) Lottery tickets, silly! Yep, I won $20 thanks to my friend Eric and his gift of scratchers.  He said to invest it wisely — I’m not sure if burritos from the local Hugo’s Tacos qualifies, but that’s what it went towards, about 20 minutes after I got the dough. It saved me time making dinner, so in my eyes, that is a very wise investment!

Our second pit stop was at Rite Aid to pick up some toiletries and my prescription renewal.  As we walked in, I heard one of my favorite Cyndi Lauper songs on the store’s speakers, and despite the subject, it actually just reminded me of my love for cultural exchange.

There are so many songs that were huge hits here in the US, by British bands, that the Man has never heard of, and just as many that were huge hits there, but that I’ve never heard played once here in the States.

I love that music is a way to share, culturally and otherwise, that Cyndi managed to release this song in the early ’80s on the radio with great success in the US despite the subject, that I had no idea what it was really about until I was in my 20s, and that it still makes me want to get out a cane and dance on a set of steps.



Here is your Sunday earwig:

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