Virtual Camaradarie – My Top 3 Blog Shares

As soon as I wrote the title to this post, I heard this song in my head:

Jamiroquai’s late ’90s jam is actually more indicative of how I’m feeling, than what I actually intended to talk about. Coming back to work after a 4-day weekend is always rough…virtual insanity is not a far off descriptor. Students not doing their work and a 5-year old exhibiting teenage defiance did not make it any easier…this song in fact was exactly what I needed to hear…

In any case, back to my originally scheduled thought…

I wanted to let other bloggers out there know about a few super spiffy blog shares that I’ve done that are great tools to:

1) Find other cool blogs to read


2) Find other cool folks who want to read your blog!

Sharing is Caring

These shares are on Twitter (which I have slowly but surely figured out, made use of, and have actually begun to enjoy) so if you don’t have a Twitter account yet and want your blog to grow, set one up and get crackin’.

Here is the short list that I am doing my best to take part in every.single.week.

Mondays — @MondayBlogs – This one is great, just note they reserve the right not to RT your posts. Include their Twitter handle when you “Publicize” your post on WordPress or if you tweet directly.

Wednesdays — @WWWBlogs – This one is just for the ladies. So if you qualify, tweet your latest posts using the hashtag #WWWBlogs.

Sundays — @Suzie81Speaks – Run by Suzie over at, this one always has a plethora of cool blogs to read.  Include #SundayBlogShare when you post on Sundays.

Three is  a good number–for me not too many, not too few.

I love to see the blog love, the virtual camaraderie, that spreads on these days through retweets (RTs) and all the gratitude being given in response.

Tell me, are you already sharing? If not, why? If so, what are your favorite blog shares?

Happy Wednesday 🙂


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