Hello lovelies!

I’ve decided to start a new series (because I’m super good at adding extra things to my plate, especially things I have fun with!) – every Monday, I’ll be posting a little ditty that will remind you to be mindful and meditative, think about areas in your life that you can slow down during the week, and inspire you to get all the way to Friday 🙂  This is actually a page out of my journal that I wanted to incorporate into my blog, but hadn’t yet, because I was looking for a decent iPhone app to make my own pretty, little quotations.  After spoken.ly died out on me yesterday, I found InstaQuote and it’s really my new BFF.  I could spend hours on there playing…and hopefully you will benefit 🙂 I mean seriously, where has this app been all my life?

I’ll be posting these on Twitter and on my Pinterest page – so if any of you hang out there, please feel free to share!

Anyway, without further adieu, here is my first little inspirational nugget that grew out of yesterday’s post – enjoy!

Sing Past Your Fears