Aussie Bites or is it….awesome bites??

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of going to Costco is discovering new items that need to be in my pantry. On our last trip (which, by the way, was the first one in several months, way to make stuff stretch!), I discovered these little beauties:

Awesome Aussie Bites


I saw them and thought, Australian, bite-sized, organic, okay! Must try. We brought them home and to my utter dismay they…are…delicious…and nearly all gone. Bugger! I can’t be going back to Costco every time I need to replenish and …I will need to often.  Not to mention, things you love at Costco seem to disappear like the morning dew on a warm Spring day.

They are great for snacking (perhaps a little too good – ask the Man) and they also work well for beefing up little people’s meals with some good stuff they might never otherwise see in their mostly chicken finger-macaroni and cheese-toast diet. Don’t judge – the little monkey loves having one of these with her whole grain bread, cream cheese and strawberries in the morning. I like to have them as a dessert, or with my morning coffee…or when I walk through the kitchen and my hand finds the box by accident.

So I set out to find two different things – an alternative place to buy them and a recipe so I could make them myself. Well, the first was a fail. If you Google these things, you come up with articles about how other people are trying to find them, how they are similar to Anzac biscuits, and a bunch of other also-Australian but non-cookie products.

So I moved on to Part B – looking for a recipe to make them.  A few people had just gone off the box, and played from there but I ain’t got time for that! I kept looking until I found what I wanted…someone had got the recipe from Costco and posted it up for all to see.

If you want to preview these before baking head to Costco and grab a box before the powers that be decide they should go – or if you’d prefer to bake, check out the recipe I found here. I will be making another batch as soon as we run out!


By Joy

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    1. LOL I meant another batch besides the pre-made ones we have here …we are now down to about 2 of them. So I’m buying the ingredients this weekend…I will let you know!

  1. I just got to know they contains soy eggs. Are they safe? Not sure if it has cooked egg or not? looking at the bites, looks like the egg might not be cooked

    1. Not sure what soy eggs are…I’ve eaten them plenty and never had a problem! The Aussie bites anyway..

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