As a few of you have for sure figured out by now (a million thanks to you!), I self-published my Gratitude Journal a few days ago – go me!

Jon is really excited about it...

Jon is really excited about it…

Just to give a little back story, I was working on some other things besides the blog, namely several poetry projects all at the same time, when the idea for the journal popped into my head during a walk. Once it popped in, it wouldn’t pop out until I finished it, and pretty much everything else went by the wayside.

I’m a caretaker and teacher by nature, trying to focus on the good things – and the journal seemed a natural segue from the direction my blog has taken since June. There are so many crappy things that happen on the daily which contribute to my anxiety (and I’m sure many others) so I combat those feelings in several ways:

1) Staying as far away from most television and news that I can – I highly recommend this

2) Meditation, Yoga and Exercise (my personal holy trinity – when I don’t make time for these is usually when #3 becomes required to get me back on track)

3) Pharmaceuticals – a daily anti-anxiety medication that I fall back on when things become particularly difficult for me to handle. It allows me to forget things enough to sleep…which enables me to make time for the things in #2.

4) Writing about the good things and interacting with people here on the blog

The journal was fueled by my desire to take this idea of focusing on the senses and the joy that they can bring to a larger audience, to help people suffering from the same anxiety that I do, and to help people remind themselves that while much of the media focuses on how much the world sucks, if we get away from that, on a daily basis, and consciously, that we can create something better for ourselves and everyone else.

With this comes a need to promote it – and given that I am my own publisher, that means that job falls to me if I can’t pay someone else to do it (and I can’t now…) – so that means I need to talk about it… a lot, and ignore my paranoia about annoying people by talking about it.  Plus, for a mostly introverted person, someone who doesn’t like to talk about themselves or toot their own horn a lot – this has been a bit of a weird thing for me. More than a bit, just plain weird.

Am I the only one who finds this weird?

I’m slowly getting over it (because I know I need to if I want it to find good homes), learning a lot in the process, and having faith that the journal will find exactly who it needs to, when it needs to.

So here it is again….tell a friend, buy it, review it, share it, spread the love and the gratitude! Thank you!

Gratitude Journal_Cover