Today I’m beyond thankful for CreateSpace.  If it weren’t for this nifty little self-publishing company, I might not be able to show you this:

Me in my yoga gear, with yoga hair...and what's that? Yes, that's right, it's the proof of my  journal!

Me in my yoga gear, with yoga hair…and what’s that? Yes, that’s right, it’s the proof of my journal!

You read that right – that’s my name on the cover!  Gratitude Journal: 365 Days of Exploring Things That Soothe Your Senses and Your Soul is my latest labor of love.The idea came to me on a walk with the Man a few months ago and I started work on it in the middle of October. After much fussing with formatting, editing and figuring out what the hell I was doing, my little passion project has finally come to fruition. For me, it’s like Christmas and Chanukah came early – the perfect blend between being thankful year-round, exploring my own senses and the things that soothe my anxiety, and sharing all of that with the you, in hopes that it might actually benefit someone else besides me!  At this point, it’s being finalized and should be available to the public no later than Cyber Monday as long as there are no unforeseen snags.

I’m excited, and more than that I’m grateful that I can hold in my hands the result of my hours spent behind the keyboard 🙂