I woke up this morning to pictures on Facebook of this stuff I’ve heard about, and actually seen a few times called “snow.” It’s cold and wet and white, and it appears during the colder months sometimes. Where I live though, we haven’t even seen a proper drop of rain in over 2 months so when the Man told me that we are supposed to get our first real storm of the Fall around midnight, this song immediately started playing in my head, because conveniently, the calendar changes to November 1 once the clock strikes 12.

It’s ranks up there as one of my favorite Guns N’ Roses songs (wait – she likes GNR??)…between Slash’s guitar, Axl’s vocals and mad piano playing, and the strings…the strings! Fantastic for summoning the rain gods and banging my head while it plays loudly in the car (or right now from my computer’s speakers.)

The video is pretty entertaining too – My favorite bit musically and visually starts at about 6:48 – check it out:


Please, have a happy and safe Halloween – and don’t forget to join me tomorrow for 30 Days of Thanks!