Shake It Off

I’ll admit it. I haven’t always been the biggest Taylor Swift fan. I know some people think she can’t really sing and while I don’t agree with that viewpoint, she’s always been a little bit too cotton candy for my tastes. A little too sugary, a little too fluffy – good every once in a while, but if I ingest too much, I get sick. Yep, that about sums up what I’ve felt about her as an artist – this of course, has not stopped me from learning nearly every lyric of her songs because they are for the most part, catchy as hell.

The latest one though, I’m not going to lie – I actually love the message I feel it sends – which is basically this…people are going to say stuff about you, they are going to think stuff about you and guess what – you have ZERO control over that.  So rather than let it bother you, shake it off. Let it roll off your back – and then shake your tush off for good measure.

How friggin’ wonderful is that? Especially given her age (24, zoinks!) and that she’s basically grown up in front of us and had to make all the mistakes that young people do while being plastered all over the rags. I wish I had her presence of mind at that time in my life.

I have it now though. I hope you all do too – if you don’t though, have a listen, and shake that tush off a little this Sunday 🙂

By Joy

I'm 42, a remarried mom of an 8 year old girl and a toddler son, a teacher, and a writer. People tell me I tend to be brutally honest and ...tell it like it is, so I had hoped to use this outlet to keep me sane while I got used to my new life as a stay-at-home Mom back when I was home with my worked. And it's been therapeutic through the end of a marriage and the emergence of me...


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