Flavorful Chicken Salad a’ la Mama

Apparently I’m on a salad kick – or maybe I just like things that taste good…

This past weekend we went up to my Mama’s for a little family Labor Day swim and though food is often at the forefront of our minds, we hadn’t actually talked about lunch – GASP! The horror. So I assumed we’d get something nearby and brought a few snacks in case we decided to leave early and eat at home.  Well, being the Jewish mother that she is, my mom couldn’t let us come over and not feed us apparently, evidenced by the fact she had made several things for us to nosh on after we tired of the pool. Score! Thanks Mom.

Next to the egg salad, and her version of the Not-so-boring Tuna Salad, was the Flavorful Chicken Salad a la’ Mama.  It had a distinct yumminess to it and when I asked her what it was … she told me her secret – Costco Rotisserie Chicken!  Why the heck didn’t I ever think of that? It added another dimension of flavor to something I would never usually make myself, but now I might because I don’t have to roast a whole chicken ahead of time by myself.

Here’s how it goes (and mind you, my Mom is more of a throw a little of this in, then some more of that until it looks/tastes right kind of lady, so …bear with me on the amounts)

1 Costco Rotisserie Chicken, pulled apart with a few forks (I say a few, because it will go faster if 2 people do it!)

1/2 red onion, or a large shallot if red onions are too strong for your taste buds

2 stalks of celery, finely minced (you can go more or less on this, depending on your love of the tall green crunchy, I know some people hate it)

3/4-1 cup organic mayonnaise

Fresh Dill, Minced, about a handful (when you mix it together the dill should be spread throughout)

Freshly Ground Black Pepper, to taste

NOTE: Mom used dried dill, which is fine and usually on hand, I just have an obsession with fresh herbs, so I wrote that instead…

Put it all in a large bowl and mix together, then chill before serving (not long, just long enough so the ingredients gel happily together).

This goes really nicely with bagels, kaiser rolls, or if you so choose, on a bed of crisp lettuce.


By Joy

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