These are a few of my favorite thingsFor me, being able to share ideas with readers, and especially kindred spirits. How wonderful is it that via the internet, you may encounter people from places you’ve never even visited (or places you have) with whom you can exchange ideas.  They may not be someone you will ever meet in person (though sometimes they will be, and they’ll turn your life upside down in the best way…I speak from experience!), but despite only discovering them through the interwebs, you find a connection over a subject of a post, a style of writing, or a blog’s mission and good things happen.  Your life is enriched through this connection.

Melene of Sensitive New World got me thinking about this again this past weekend with her post regarding sharing the content that we love.  It really resonated with me, especially with the direction my writing has turned as of late. I share things because I not only enjoy writing for the sake of doing it, I want to use my writing for a good purpose. I’m so glad others are turning in this direction – the one where we share things we create, things we love, in hopes of reaching someone else in a positive way, as opposed to the complain/commiserate/insist everyone else change to please us/focus on the negative viewpoint which takes up way too much of our time as it is.

So today, I’m sharing 2 things I dig:

Melene’s blog on being Highly Sensitive (which I found while looking up some personality traits my little monkey has…and that I have)


a quote that fits this topic from William E. Simon:

“Infinitely more important than sharing one’s material wealth is sharing the wealth of ourselves – our time and energy, our passion and commitment, and, above all, our love.”

I’ll be sharing more things that I like/love/dig as time goes on…

What do you like to share with others, via your blog, or otherwise?