Though I have a chiropractor I know and love, I never am able to visit him frequently enough. So given much of my job involves sitting, I need something else that helps my alignment, not to mention my tense back muscles. My solution? A foam roller. What is this, you ask? (Or you don’t ask if you’re a physical/massage therapist, coach, athlete because you already know…) It’s a cylindrical piece of dense, blue foam that lives underneath my bed with my earthquake kit, wrapping paper, and dust bunnies when I’m not using it.

My blue friend...

My blue friend…

I tend to get a lot of tightness in my upper back, not to mention my hips. These are the areas where I carry my stress. People always tell me that I seem calm, cool and collected. Well, I’m not, it just all funnels into my shoulder blades, and hips. So as often as I remember, before I climb into bed, I get my blue friend out from under the bed and get to rolling out my back and hips. When I do it, I always sleep better, and walk with better posture when I wake up the next morning because I’m not compensating for something that is out of whack.

I’m curious. Am I the only one that has this hiding under their bed?

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