A Lesson in Purple

Every night before Maya goes to bed, she brushes her teeth, runs outside to her bookshelves and picks a story to read. I’m beyond grateful she still enjoys this ritual, and as far as I’m concerned, it will continue for as long as she is willing. Last night, she bounded out of the bathroom with clean baby teeth, as she does, and picked Purplicious by the Kann sisters for our nightly story. She climbed up onto the couch and we set off reading…

Earlier in the evening, she had made an off-handed comment about how pink and purple was for girls, and blue and green was for boys. At that point, I told her that actually boys could like pink and purple and girls could like blue and green, and that all colors were for anyone who wanted to like them. She looked at me sideways and said,  “Okay.” So when she picked Purplicious for her bedtime story, I was mightily surprised.

If you’re not familiar with the book (which let’s face it, if you’re not reading children’s books on the regular, you probably aren’t), it’s about a girl called Pinkalicious, whose very life’s blood is pink (pink dresses, room, pens, paper, food, toys, etc.) and she comes across a group of “mean girls” who only like black…because pink has become passé. In the end, she realizes she doesn’t need to follow the crowd and meets a similarly minded girl who thinks pink is powerful, because when you add it to blue, it makes purple. She actually picked a book to further illuminate something I tried explaining to her earlier. If only all things (parenting included) were this simple, right?

This story reminded me of two things:

1) We all need to remember that the things we value in life cannot be diminished by the opinions of others. Trends are trends and we should leave them to the schlock magazines (and then perhaps not ever buy those dastardly things again because they only serve to diminish us by comparison.)

2) Purple really is my favorite color. Just look at it…it’s so beautiful (at least to me.)

Color icon purple.svg
Color icon purple” by BadseedOwn work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

By Joy

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