This morning, I left my apartment. I walked down the stairs, into the courtyard and realized my load felt a little light.  I had my tote bag with my lunch and my morning protein shake in my hand, but something was missing. Sigh…my purse. I kind of need that.  I turn around, walk back up the flight of stairs, open the door, find that it is indeed still exactly where I keep it so I won’t forget it before I leave in the morning, grab it, and am on my way once again. I think to myself, it was dark, I just didn’t see it. Move on.

I am half way down the stairs when my stomach seizes again. Shit! I also forgot the monkey’s paperwork for the new school year, which I wanted to fill out during my lunch hour. Frack! Back up the stairs again, open the door, walk through the kitchen to the dining room table where I knew it was, grab it, shove it in the tote and back out the door I go. On my way once again.

As I walked down the stairs, for the third time this morning, I started to wonder, am I losing my shit? Or is it just there are so many things in my brain to remember that certain things just get lost? I can understand sometimes when it’s myself and Maya to get out the door, and I do things like …forget her lunch because it was on the floor instead of on the table where I usually put items to take before we go. Or I didn’t see it because it was dark. Or am I already getting to the age where I need to have post-its all over the house so I can remember stuff?

My Grandma Marilyn used to keep lists by her telephone.  When we went over to visit, she would always have to consult her little white pad of paper with the lists on it because she would write down things she wanted to tell us, otherwise she wouldn’t forget. I chuckled at this because at the time, I couldn’t fathom having to do that. I was probably a teenager, or maybe in my early 20s at the time. As I got older, it was something I expected to do in my 60s and 70s (or even 50s perhaps), but I’m not even 40 yet.

What level of forgetfulness is acceptable at 38? Should I be worried? Or is my brain. just. so. tired. it doesn’t want to work sometimes?

Tell me, how often do you forget things?