“It’s a Major Award! I won it!” – I’ve been Leibstered.

My favorite Liebster Award

Did you get the Christmas Story reference? Did you? Did you? No? Boo.  You did? Yay! 🙂 Anyway, I digress, Kristen Fairgrieve of Bag Lady LuLu was nice enough to nominate me and 10 other folks for the Liebster award a few weeks (months, ugh I’m so behind) back.  Thank you Kristen! I’m well aware that this award, and most of the other awards given from one blogger to another are basically the blogosphere version of a “chain letter” and/or a marketing ploy…but it’s still cool. The requirements for participating are nebulous at best (by the way, one of my favorite words of 2013), so I’ve culled my favorites into a tidy little list…and here it is — Joy’s Official Rules for Her Version of the Leibster Award:

My favorite Liebster Award
The illustrious Liebster Award (at least my favorite version of it…)
  1. Post the award on my blog. (See above.)
  2. Thank the nominator and link back to his or her blog. (Didn’t I say see above?)
  3. Write 11 random facts about yourself. (This might take forever…and it nearly has, I started this post 6 months ago…)
  4. Answer 11 questions about yourself that the nominator has asked. (This for sure will take forever. See #3)
  5. Nominate 5-11 fellow bloggers who have somewhere between 1 and 3000 followers. (See? Nebulous.)
  6. Make up 11 original questions for your nominees to answer. (This part I like.)
  7. Let your nominees know they have been nominated. (Will do.)


1. When eating Lucky Charms as a kid, I had to eat the marshmallows in rainbow order, then the cereal itself. No cheating. Only one of the OCD-like symptoms I had…

2.  Many people think I’m cool, calm, and therefore detached, but I’m actually very sentimental.  I keep greeting cards from 20 years back just so I can reread them. Or maybe I’m just a hoarder-in-training.

3.  When I was a little older than Maya is now, I won a beauty pageant. I still have the trophy somewhere.

4. I was co-captain of my Drill Team in High School.

5.  I tried out to be a cheerleader in Junior High and failed pretty miserably.

6.  Despite #5 and #6, I am an introvert at heart and have a deep appreciation (and need) for silence and solitude.

7.  I get depressed from too much sunshine and heat. And other things, but that’s another post…

8.  I love to sing so much so that I often don’t know I’m doing it. In fact, when I was 28, I was thisclose to trying out for American Idol, but my grandmother was sick at the time and I chose to spend time with her instead of going to Vegas to try out.

9.  My favorite yoga position is double pigeon because it stretches the outer hips like nothing else.

10.  My favorite car is a Porsche, but I’ll never buy one because I’m too practical.

11.  I had my first kiss when I was 5, and I still remember his name 33 years later. He was a cutie pie!


  1. If you had to spend the rest of your life with just one person, who would it be?   This is hard to answer when you have a kid. Because if I don’t say Maya, I’m an a-hole.  So I’m going to say …ME. And it’s true, I’ve finally gotten to a point in my life where I really like myself… (Cop out you say? Tough noogies.)
  2. If you could have one superpower what would it be?   Flying. No doubt.
  3. What is one book that you’ll reread if you have the time? Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon
  4. What do you think you’ll be doing five years from now?   Living a life that is authentic, that I love, with those that I love.
  5. Do you prefer sunshine or rain?   I love the rain, but I wouldn’t appreciate it without perpetual California sunshine.  And vice versa. (Another cop out? Wahh Wahh…)
  6. What is your favorite song?   Jeff Buckley’s version of “Hallelujah”
  7. What charity or organization means the most to you?   I do the Revlon Run/Walk for Women’s Cancers every year and try to raise as much money as I can for that cause as I’ve had many women in my family pass away from some form of it…and I’ve already had 2 basal cells removed myself at the ripe old age of 38.
  8. Where is your absolute favorite place to be?   Maui. Wait, Italy. Wait… Crap.
  9. What is your least favorite thing to do?   Be late.
  10. Why do you blog?   Because I love to write. It’s cathartic, and creative – an outlet for my ever-wandering thoughts.
  11. If you could pack up and travel anywhere right now, where would you go?   Italy


1.  Kiana from Tulipina

2.  Sheri from I’m Hot, But I’m Human

3.  Brooke from Kundalini Spirit

4.  anonymous real thoughts

5.  Deborah from Romancing the Bee


1.       If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would you choose and why?

2.       If you could have the power to rid yourself of one personality trait, what would it be and why?

3.       What one book has had a significant impact on your life?

4.       What are the Top Two items on your Bucket List?

5.       Where is your favorite place to vacation and why?

6.       What genre of music could you listen to without getting sick of it?

7.       What is your favorite form of exercise?

8.       Where do you want to retire?

9.       If money was no object, what is the one thing you would immediately pay someone else to do?

10.     Impressionism or Realism?

11.     What are the 3 things (besides your computer) that you could not blog without having within arm’s reach?

By Joy

I'm 42, a remarried mom of an 8 year old girl and a toddler son, a teacher, and a writer. People tell me I tend to be brutally honest and ...tell it like it is, so I had hoped to use this outlet to keep me sane while I got used to my new life as a stay-at-home Mom back when I was home with my daughter....it worked. And it's been therapeutic through the end of a marriage and the emergence of me...


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