Today I am thankful for the amicable nature of the relationship I have with my now ex-husband.  Since today would have been our anniversary, it’s been on my mind…and for what it’s worth, this is the best I’ve felt we’ve gotten along in a long time. Though the divorce has only been final for a little under a month, we’ve been living apart for 9 months and have been separated nearly a year.  To no one’s surprise I’m sure, it was incredibly strained at first.  We put on happy faces for our little girl, and pretty much faked it until we made it to the other side.  While we’re not exactly the best of friends, we’re definitely friendly and courteous towards each other, which is more than I can say for either of us last year at this time.  We both listen more and give more than we did last year as well.

More than anything, I think we’ve managed to figure out a way to co-parent Maya that has resulted in her still being a happy, healthy little girl.  The marriage may have crumbled, but the union produced and is maintaining a stellar little human.  And for that, I am grateful.