Lately I’ve been at a loss for words (in a good way, not to worry folks!), so instead of my Word of the Day that I usually do on Wednesdays, I just wanted to write a quick blurb to introduce you all to my friend Stacey Normandy, founder of Miracle Assistant.

When I wrote my post about there not being enough hours to accomplish all I want to in my day, I thought of my friend Stacey. In addition to being a former boss and good friend – she is the dynamo behind Miracle Assistant, a company that pretty much functions so that 24 hours can be enough.  If you need someone to do your laundry, walk your dog, clean your house, answer your phones, hire or fire your newest employee, finance your company, book your travel, address your wedding invites, have those invites made, remade or recycled, Stacey and her team will find you what you need.  And it’s all done virtually! She’s incredibly personable, and “it can’t be done” is not a phrase in her vocabulary.

Check her company out, it (and she) is pretty awesome!