2 years, 8 months and counting…

We marked Maya’s 32nd month by taking a family walk in the 95 degree heat to the store to get a few things, having an unplanned lunch at our now-local Five Guys, taking naps and making Abby Cadabby Angel Food Cake (as well as homemade whipped cream).

In 4 short months, my baby (who really is no longer a baby, no longer a toddler!) will be 3 years old.  That means she no longer gets into Disneyland for free. That means she will start preschool sooner than later.  I’ll stop there, so I don’t start crying.  The growing up is bittersweet, that’s for sure, but thankfully more sweet, than bitter.

The last time I wrote Maya had just taken her first steps…here we are a year and a month later and she is off and running!  It’s more like a cute little sashay, but she’s doing really great with her gross motor skills.  With the aid of Margaret, our awesome physical therapist, swim lessons, and just her growing into her body, Maya can: walk, run, walk up and down our steps while holding someone’s hand (and up/down smaller steps if there are proper railings for her), play on the playground with more confidence (including going down slides if she is in the mood), kick a ball (pretty well, I might add), and throw a ball (hard! and sometimes catch it)…
At the suggestion of our PT, we also had an evaluation done for occupational therapy and started OT in February 2012 when Maya was a little over 2. We had some concerns about the fact that Maya rarely used her left hand/arm for anything and was super-right dominant, and Margaret had some concerns regarding sensory integration.  After the eval, she was found to be on target for everything pretty much – but the lack of use of the left side was a red flag for the evaluator and OT was recommended.  Dr. Faryl comes to the house once a week and works with Maya crossing the midline spontaneously with her left arm/hand, and encouraging use of her left arm/hand to grab things without being prompted.  Maya loves to play with her when she visits.  At 30 months, and in her last evaluation in July, she was ahead in her cognitive, social-emotional and communicative skills (ranging from 37-44 months). She was only slightly delayed with her fine motor skills, showing some weakness and slow speed. Gross motor skills were still at a 30% delay, but as I said she is doing great there and building upon her skills daily.

Here are Maya’s stats from her 2 year checkup:

32 inches, 25 lbs. 1 oz.,

Head Circumference 19 3/4 inches.

I know that she now is taller than 32 inches (because she was tall enough to get on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree in Carsland at California Adventure) and she weighs 28.6 lbs. Her head is big enough for hats built for 4 year olds.  Still big, but at least now she wears hats!

Current loves: Still Sesame Street (mostly Abby, Elmo, Cookie and Grover…Ernie is still around though he hangs with Bert and the rest of the crew most days), though she is soo ready for some new episodes (Sep. 24 here we come!)…everything Disney, especially Mickey, Minnie, Duffy and now the friends from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…TELEVISION (ugh…I try to keep it to the 2 hours …and she is only allowed to watch educational shows…or things with Disney Fairies…or Snow Buddies – bad mommy!). Disney Fairies, especially Tink, Vidia and Silvermist.  Paula Deen (also known as “food work!”).  Cooking with Mommy or Grammie. Still reading, though not as much because she is more active than she was a year ago (especially Elmo, Curious George and Fairy books…) Swimming and anything beachy (just had her first visit to Mother’s in Marina Del Rey and she looved it!). Surprises (especially if they involve ice cream, cake lollipops or other favorite foods.) Turkey Bacon. Still peaches (though they seem to be waning).  Oatmeal.  Cereal (and slurping her milk).  Bagel pizzas, macaroni and cheese. Floating broccoli (if she eats it, she “floats” like a fairy -ok admittedly this is not really a love, more a like). Yogurt and challah bread.  Her grandmas, and grandpas, her aunties and uncles, her mommy and daddy. We know this because she says it – “I love you mommy!” and it’s usually accompanied by hand kisses or leg kisses.  Sweet as pie.  Her regular babysitter, Karen (the Pirate Lady).  Still bathtime, though see below regarding certain aspects she can no longer stand. Car rides (since just recently we flipped her around to forward-facing). Dancing. “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye (she can identify it within 10 notes…I swear!), Cookie Monster’s version of the Carly Rae Jepsen song, and really music in general.  She also knows that Paul McCartney is a Beatle, can usually ID their songs as well and knows President Obama by sight.  I guess that is not a love of hers, but I truly love that she can do these things!

Current dislikes: Hair washes, car washes, doctors (the screaming once the doctor tries to examine her has intensified with age.) Me or anyone telling her she can’t watch anymore television…or stop any other activity she is engaged in that she doesn’t want to stop. Getting dressed in the morning. Transitions in general. Other kids invading her playspace…though her reaction is to walk away, not be aggressive.

We restarted potty training the weekend after Thanksgiving 2011 and by her birthday 2012 she was reliably dry during the day. It took about a month to get her dry during naps (a lot of sheet changing there)…and then around 25-26 months she started reliably telling us she needed to go.  We tried going to undies at night but after 3 nights of no sleep due to major accidents, I decided sleep was more important. She is not dry in the morning reliably, so she is now in pull-ups at night.  Even during the day if she skips nap and is extra tired, she is way more prone to accidents, so I think her body is not ready to do it yet at night. But daytime potty training is done, so stick a fork in it!

As for me, I subbed/helped out at my old place of business starting Fall of 2011 and went back officially as a part-time teacher end of June/July 2012..  I have half a load of students and I am grateful for the money, the adult time, seeing old co-workers and the opportunity to make an impact on these kids.  I’m also so so grateful my mom has been able to stay with Maya when I work and so love that they have a wonderful relationship. I wouldn’t be able to do this without her support.  Or the support of Maggy Maid who comes once a month to clean my house from top to bottom.  Or my husband. Or the support of my supervisors who are flexible with my schedule because they know I have Maya.  Despite being tired, and oftentimes aggravated by work, I am still grateful to have the work.

Hawaii was grand, we visited Maya’s new twin cousins in Florida in April.  Nothing else big planned for this year except a return to Palm Desert in October which by that time will be much needed.

I’ve gained 7 lbs. in a year, so clearly I didn’t step up the exercise…but I’m getting better at that (still not so good at giving up the favorites that derail me.)  I’m now walking 2-3 times a week for about 2 miles and I just started back working yoga into my schedule.  As I’m sure most moms do, I am struggling with the balance of it all.  Or maybe they don’t. I don’t know, I’m just trying to work it out for me. Image

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    1. That’s one main reason why I wanted to do this…I’m doing such a poor job keeping up with her traditional baby book, this seems to work better for me! So at least I’ll have tons of pictures and this blog…

  1. And you’ll be able to share this with her later, which was the primary reason for my blog. I had a fear that if I didn’t record some of the things we did together, neither he or I would remember it later in life…

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