Hey Nineteen (months, that is…)

It’s been a while…I’ve apparently been busy.

As Maya gets bigger, I have less and less time to write. But since I don’t want to let too much time get away without recording Maya’s milestones and my own, I figure I better get to it.

19 months – it seems like it was yesterday that she was born, but on the other hand, it seems like forever ago. She’s doing so many new things now and saying so many new things that I am losing track!

Yesterday was a biggie – she finally took steps (7-8 at a time) unaided by a human or a plush toy in each hand!  It was so exciting and I actually got it on video. She had taken a few steps over the weekend when her Grammie was visiting and a few when Grandma was over this week, but she saved the best for Mommy and Auntie Dawn..she even saved up some for her Daddy who got to see her walk when he got back from jury duty. Now its time to convince her to let go on her own without us prompting her….baby steps 🙂 Or should I say…toddles!  This was even more of a big deal due to the fact that Maya was diagnosed with a developmental delay in her gross motor milestones when she was about 15 months old.  We had been a little worried about her not walking on her own, but given she was still within the realm of when kids who are “on track” walk, we waited it out as or ped suggested. Something still nagged at me and when her orthopaedist suggested at 15 months that she be evaluated by the Regional Center, I was more than open to it.  Still, being told that my little girl was more than 50 % behind in her gross motor skills made me so so sad and angry.  Long story short – if your kid never crawls and isn’t walking by 12 months – get an evaluation, stat.  We started PT in June, and Maya has made leaps and bounds of progress. At the start Maya could not pull her self up or get to sitting from being on her tummy, and she would cry most of the session. Now she is doing both of those, happy to see Margaret her PT, plus walking several steps independently!  It has been extremely difficult at times, and emotionally draining for the both of us, but well worth it.

Here is an update of Maya’s “stats”:

15 month check up – 28.5 inches, 21 lbs. 9 oz.

18 month check up – 30 inches, 21 lbs. 14.5 oz.

Head is still – BIG. In the 95th percentile, hats don’t fit her unless they are custom-made (thanks Mom Milo!) or for a 3 year old and even then, she won’t wear them 🙁

Current likes (obsessions): Sesame Street – especially Abby, Ernie, Elmo, Grover and Cookie Monster.  Bert, Big Bird and Zoe are a VERY distant second.  She likes making her little Sesame Street plush toys dance, walking with her walker down in our courtyard, visiting our manager Millie and actually now just holding one hand and walking.  She likes watching videos of her cousin Beau the pitbull, and videos from our Florida vacation.   She also likes to see pics of the beaches in Maui to which she says, “Go?! Daddy?”. I tell her we are going in October and Daddy is coming and she seems pleased. She is on a bean and cheese taquito kick for lunch and is also digging hard-boiled eggs.  She still eats her oatmeal most mornings with a little flaxseed meal and whole organic milk.  She is still a fan of pureed fruits in the pouch (as is Mama because they are easy) but loves eating bananas, fresh peaches and apple (“banay” “peeshes” and “ahpul”).  Vegetables I still have to sneak in unless they are of the orange-colored variety. Her PT with Margaret. Still loves her bath. LOVES her swim class, unless I dunk her too much like today and then it’s “All done? All done?”…still nums. Talking, saying “Hi!” to everyone while we are out and about. Our apartment manager, Millie or “Milluh?”. Jimini Cricket, Duffy Bear and most other Disney characters in costumes. Carousels, or caro-seussels as the case may be.  Gelato. Crackers – of any kind, animal, graham….

Current dislikes: Any fruit/veggie pouches that are green.  Me asking her to do anything, the answer is often “Nuh!” even if she will do it. Doing anything she doesn’t want to do – tantrums happen. PB & J – this might be my fault…I think I might have made it one too many times for her.  Getting her rat’s nest converted to curls in the am, by Mommy and the comb. Potty training – she fell off the wagon on vacation and hasn’t got back on (well she goes on the potty 2-3x a day but we are NOT catching pees or poops. Maybe 2 pees since the end of June).

As for me besides being Mommy, I’ve been writing (not on Patch.com but copywriting through a site called www.textbroker.com and getting paid for it!) and teaching summer school on Saturdays. It’s been great to get out and use my other-than-Mommy skills, but I do feel like I am working 6 days a week and it has been tiring.  Not much more to go though and the extra dough was totally worth it.

We had a great and jam-packed trip to Florida, used our Disney passes to the hilt, experienced Harry Potter World live and in-person, and said goodbye to him onscreen.  Maya and I swim twice a week in her Baby Skipper class at the Y and sadly besides that and carting her around, I have been doing ZERO exercise.  Now that she is walking I might have to step that up if I want to reach my goal of 166 by October (my honeymoon weight) and Hawaii. I am now at 174.1 so I think I can do it.  Weight Watchers is helping and truly would be helping more if I recorded points more diligently but one thing at time.

Time is flying by, I just hope I can manage another post before Maya turns 2!

By Joy

I'm 42, a remarried mom of an 8 year old girl and a toddler son, a teacher, and a writer. People tell me I tend to be brutally honest and ...tell it like it is, so I had hoped to use this outlet to keep me sane while I got used to my new life as a stay-at-home Mom back when I was home with my daughter....it worked. And it's been therapeutic through the end of a marriage and the emergence of me...


  1. I signed up for Textbroker, after seeing you mention it… but alas, I have no clue how it’s supposed to work LOL There’s no easy intro anywhere either… or maybe I’m just too lazy to go look for it 😛

    1. It’s been so long since I’ve done it….and I don’t think there is an intro…but basically you have to do an audition piece…and then you can apply for writing jobs…I’ll show you…at some point…if you don’t figure it out first 🙂

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